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Royal college residents  

Meet our tight-knit team

Dr. Regan McKeough

(she/her) PGY 1 

Regan originally hails from a small town on the beautiful island of Cape Breton, but has called Halifax home since 2017. She is a lover of all things sports and can often be found on the golf course, out for a run, or having a friendly game of Spikeball in the Commons. She also enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and fiancé, Zack, trying out new recipes or catching some live music downtown. Her interests in EM include medical education, PEM, and sports medicine. 

Dr. Casey Jones

(he/him) PGY 1 

Casey was born in Kitchener, Ontario before moving to Upper Tantallon with his family as a child. He's stayed put, having done his BSc, MSc, and medical school at Dalhousie. When not panting at his favourite CrossFit gym or trying to break 90 at the golf course, he loves spending time with his fiancée and their dog. Casey's research interests are focussed on concussion pathophysiology in his work with the Dalhousie football team, in addition to pediatric ED department flow.

breanna _edited.jpg
Dr. Breanna Hargreaves

(she/her) PGY 1 

A true Haligonian, Breanna loves all things East-coast. When she isn’t exploring the never ending hiking trails and rural towns of Nova Scotia, you can find her mindlessly drawing, sweating on her yoga mat, falling off the bouldering wall (yikes), biking along beautiful wooded trails or at the archery range with her recurve bow. Although her favourite thing to do is cuddle up for movie night with her partner and cat Lucy. Breanna’s clinical interests include pediatric emergency medicine, advocacy, and wilderness medicine. 

Dr. Rhiannan Pinnell

(she/her) PGY 2 

Rhiannan grew up in Southern Ontario but has been slowly making her way eastward via med school in Ottawa before towing a slightly overloaded U-Haul to Halifax. On a day off, she can be found splitting her time between possible trauma-code inducing activities like horseback riding and waterskiing (as she has no talents at any sport involving projectiles) and cozier pursuits like testing out new recipes. Academically, Rhiannan is fascinated by the interaction between emergency medicine and the environment, and hopes to somehow integrate interests in prehospital care, geriatric EM and environmental health - but don't ask her how just yet!

Final CARMS Photo_edited.jpg
Dr. Lewis Forward

(he/him) PGY 2

Lewis is from North Vancouver, BC via Queen’s School of Medicine. Lewis now lives a lovely East-coastal lifestyle, spending most of his time eating burritos and unwinding with climbs at Halifax’s plentiful climbing gyms, then mountain biking and trail running in Halifax’s healthy trail systems. Lewis’ EM interests include resuscitation, incorporating outside voices into ED and trauma care, harm reduction and addictions care.

Dr. AC Lamport

(she/her) PGY 2

Born and raised in Halifax, Anna-Claire (AC) joins us via The Dalhousie School of Medicine. In her spare time, AC can be found eating poutine at local restaurants and saying hello to every dog that passes by. In the summer months she plays co-ed softball and goes camping. AC’s emergency medicine interests include wilderness medicine, resuscitation and airway management.

Dr. Kendra MacCuspic

(she/her) PGY 3 

Kendra hails from Cape Breton, and brings her Caper attitude into everything she does.  She loves the social aspect of EM - it's a specialty that interacts with almost everyone in the hospital. She loves EM's range, that you can see a cognitively demanding tox case then wander down the department for a brain break to suture. Outside of EM, Kendra's favourite things are her son, hugging trees, petting cats, and sipping some coffee over morning waffles. Kendra loves waffles. 

Dr. Manal Sheikh

(she/her) PGY 3

Manal is a third-year emergency medicine resident at Dalhousie University. She comes from Calgary, Alberta, and did all her education there including medical school before venturing out east.

Manal Sheikh CaRMS photo_edited.jpg
AR Headshot_edited.jpg
Dr. Alysha Roberts

(she/her) PGY 3

Hailing from St. John’s, Newfoundland, Alysha has been a proud converted-mainlander since 2001. You’d never know it by her Instagram though, cause she’s always jetting off on new adventures thanks to our generous, contract-mandated vacation time. When she isn’t planning a trip or walking her weiner dog Penelope, you can find her thrift shopping at Value Village, triple-bogeying on the golf course, or hunting for the best vegetarian food in town. Her interests in EM include global health, pre-hospital/transport medicine, trauma, and end-of-life care (she’ll narrow down an ACE eventually).

Dr. Renée Kinden

(she/her) PGY 4

Born and raised in New Brunswick, Renée came to us from Dal Med NB after obtaining her MSc Neuroscience at UofO. She loves spending quality time with her family and co-residents, and strongly identifies with her houseplants' love of sunlight. On a day off, you can catch her sipping on a quality cup of coffee, probably watching a true crime documentary. Special interests include paediatrics, palliative care and social medicine. 

Dr. Dave Hung

(he/him) PGY 4

From Halifax originally, Dave loves to spend time with his wife and kids while exploring the indoors, specifically the couch. Interests include naps and snacks. Has a unique skillset not applicable to emergency medicine. Ask him about places to eat when in town. Former paramedic and filmmaker with a special interest in pre-hospital medicine and airway management.

Dr. Kyle Eastwood

(he/him) PGY 4

Originally from Ontario, Kyle studied engineering and medicine at McMaster and UofT before traveling to Halifax for his emergency medicine residency. When not with his fellow Dalhousie Emerg crew, Kyle can be found with his partner re-watching episodes of Battlestar Galactica while planning his latest camping trip, or staring at himself in the mirror at local fitness establishments. Kyle’s clinical interests include resuscitation and research focused on the application of new technologies to emergency medicine. 

Kyle Eastwood_Photo_edited.jpg
Headshot for Lbags.jpeg
Dr. Patricia Marks

(she/her) PGY 5

Trish is a PGY-5 with interests across the scope of EM. When not leading resuscitations as one of our resident TTLs, Trish can be found enjoying all the wine, food, and nature that Halifax has to offer. 

Dr. Simon Huang

(he/him) PGY 5 

With interests ranging from critical care to Halo 2, Simon embodies the balance between EM excellence and living the good life (mostly, his secret is hanging out with Shash). Ask Simon about the ways that community EM rotations can also include lying in the sun on a PEI beach! 

Dr. Shash Desai

(he/him) PGY 5/Junior PEM Fellow

Shash Desai is an import from out West. He completed his undergraduate in Ontario and medical school in Alberta but has now settled in to the beautiful East Coast. Shash enjoys working with learners on shift, teaching in simulations and everything Pediatric EM. Outside of work, Shash loves playing board games, performing Indian folk dances and cooking for his friends and family.

ESEM residents  

Meet our FM/EM full scope experts 

Dr. Marnie Jakab

(she/her) PGY 3

Marnie hails from the utopia of Burlington, ON, and can mostly be seen on her bike, rapidly fading away in the distance as you try to keep up unsuccessfully. Marnie loves EM's intersection of SIM, PoCUS, Trauma, Tox, Wilderness Medicine, OBGYN, and Gender-affirming Care. Marnie plans to have a full scope EM/OB/FM Family Practice, as long as she can bike to work. For her family medicine residency she set off by bike and went as far west as she could to Vancouver island. Her love of the coast, tight knit medical communities and robust emergency training led her (and her bikes) to Dalhousie. 

Dr. Cole Anderson

(he/him) PGY 3 

Cole is a former The Price is Right contestant who is now pursuing his plan B career of Emergency Medicine. Cole's passions stretch beyond EM and game shows, and also include bulk purchases of Costco Quinoa Salad, and walking everywhere he goes in Halifax. Hot tip - you don't need a car to live here! 

Emma Crawley_edited.jpg
Dr. Emma Crawley

(she/her) PGY 3

Emma grew up in Herring Cove, NS and completed her undergraduate studies at Toronto Metropolitan University before returning to Halifax to complete medical school at Dalhousie University.  She completed her family medicine residency at Dalhousie’s Southwest Nova site in Yarmouth, NS.  When Emma's not at work, you can find her in her garden or surfing at one of Nova Scotia’s many beautiful beaches.

Dr. Emily Ertel

(she/her) PGY 3

Emily is very excited to be joining the EM group in Halifax. She moved to Halifax for her FM residency from BC, where she grew up and completed medical school. Aside from the fantastic medical community in Halifax, Emily loves exploring the trail running, mountain biking, and climbing opportunities NS has to offer. When not outside, you can find Emily spending time with her partner Hamish and their cat Tango. 

Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 9.44_edited.jpg


They're basically just small adults

Areej Babatin Portraits_edited.jpg
Dr. Areej Babatin

(she/her) Senior PEM Fellow

 Areej is a passionate pediatrician who followed her dream and relocated from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to pursue a career in pediatric emergency medicine. Accompanied by her loving husband and adorable daughter, she’s embarked on an incredible journey of learning and growth. Areej is in her first training year of the Pediatric Emergency Fellowship program at the prestigious IWK Health Center in Halifax, led by PEM experts specializing in trauma, resuscitation, airway management, simulation, POCUS, and toxicology. The program not only offers excellent clinical training but also provides an opportunity to embrace Halifax's vibrant ocean-front lifestyle. In her leisure time, she indulges in her hobbies and interests, such as experimenting with recipes, retail therapy, and embarking on exciting travel adventures. Her zest for life and diverse pursuits further enrich her professional journey.

Dr. Chansey Veinotte

(he/him) Junior PEM Fellow

Chansey is s a PEM fellow who trained in pediatrics at CHEO - University of Ottawa and returned to the maritimes to learn how to be a real pediatrician from Shash. He loves playing music, although he can't make up his mind about what instrument he likes best. Chansey can be found mountain biking, playing board games, and fruitlessly supporting the Leafs. He loves spending time with dogs, family, and friends (in that order). 

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